Don’t Let Taxes Make You a Criminal.

The IRS is watching you. Think underpaying, not paying at all, or making a mistake on your tax return just means a possible penalty or added interest? Not exactly. In fact, many tax mishaps carry criminal penalties. Some of the most common tax offenses that carry both civil and criminal penalties are: failure to pay […]

Pay Yourself First: A Different Way to Save

Jillian is trying a new savings strategy that many people use to force themselves to save money. Instead of saving whatever is left at the end of the month, they ‘pay themselves first’ at the beginning of the month, or whenever they are paid. And, surprisingly, there are a lot of people that swear by this […]

Tax Software Vs. An Accountant: Which Is Right For You?

With every important job comes the question of whether or not  individuals should do it themselves or hire a professional. While the ever-improving selection of tax preparation software certainly makes it easier to do your own  taxes, it has hardly put professional tax accountants out of  business. The Advantages of Using Tax  Software  Price. There is no […]

Past Due Tax Returns? No records? No problem.

I have received many phone calls from individuals who have not filed a tax return for years, and the reaction runs from terrified to overwhelming dismay.  There are many reasons people don’t file a tax return, but today, I addressing the issue of  filing returns when there are lost or non-existent records. Most taxpayers want to do […]