Ignoring IRS Notices Makes Matters Worse.

The dreaded IRS notice in the mail. Nobody likes getting an IRS notice that doesn’t include a refund check along with it. But the truth is if you live long enough you are bound to get an unhappy letter from the IRS at some point. Many of my clients come to me only after they […]

What does my IRS notice mean?

Millions of notices are mailed by the IRS each year. These are anything from default notices, request for additional documentation,  to corrections on tax returns. Some are just informative.   The notice will usually cover a specific issue and offers equally specific instructions on what the IRS wants from you. Don’t Panic! First, open the envelope–don’t assume […]

Best Wishes for a Joyous Holiday Season!

May all your wishes come true….cherish the times you spend with family and friends during this very special time of the year important link. Looking forward to a prosperous and satisfying New Year! Best, Mary “Lee” Miller  

Business Tax Deductions – Is it Really Necessary to Keep Receipts?

“If I don’t have good records, will I really pay more tax than I could/would/should have?” “If I don’t have receipts, does it really matter?” “If I get audited, will the IRS nail me for not substantiating my deductions?” The answer to every one of those questions is an emphatic “Yes!”   Here is the proof: […]

Welcome to my Website!

I am pleased to launch my new website browse around this site.  There will be updates and posts often that will help you simplify the process of keeping track of your business income and expenses, and to prepare for filing your taxes. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Best, Mary Lee […]

A Simple System to Keep Your Receipts Organized.

When I first started providing tax and accounting services 25 years ago, my new clients would ask: 1.  What expenses are deductible for my business? 2.  What receipts should I keep? 3.  What is a simple method to keep my receipts organized? Today, I will address #3,  keeping receipts neat, tidy and organized. My clients knew they […]

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